Calling the Black Calvary for Back-up

History tells no lies.  It has shown that when a Black person demonstrates racial pride and sees any action against the race as a class action that person will automatically become a victim because he or she seeks to insulate the class from harm. The list of victims is countless.

In New York, anyone who is thinking with a single brain cell should not be surprised that I am Enemy No. 1.  A posse has been formed to return me to the courthouse for a kangaroo trial.  So far, I have been able to stay ahead of the posse. This has not been an easy task since I have had to dodge both white supremacists and their “Negro” “bloodhounds.”

I am not asking anyone to join me in the race.  However, it is not intelligent for any Black person to only sit in the stands of the race track and enjoy the horse race. Instead, every Black person of African ancestry must deliver messages to my antagonists.  This constitutional right of free speech and the petitioning of government to redress grievances exist under the First Amendment.

Send snail mail (post card) and an E-mail or, preferably, both to my antagonists. An effort is afoot for me to lose an apartment which I have occupied lawfully for nearly forty years.  This will happen if this is a “nation of men” and not a “nation of laws.”

The landlord intends to use aholdover proceeding to evict the Maddoxes even though it has failed to offer a renewal lease to them or to make necessary repairs for at least two decades.  These are statutory obligations of a landlord and failure to comply with them violates the Rent Stabilization Law.  This is a retaliatory measure.

The following is a list of antagonists:

  1. Andrew M.Cuomo
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224
  2.     Via mail:

“No Taxation without Representation”

  1. Eric T. Schneiderman

New York State Attorney General

120 Broadway

New York, NY 10271


“Enforce the RSL for the Maddoxes, 392 CPW, NYC 10025”

  1. Hon. Jonathan Lippman

Chief Judge

New York Court of Appeals

20 Eagle Street

Albany, NY 12207

“Stop Judicial Bullying. Reinstate Alton Maddox”

  1. Division of Housing and Community Renewal’

Rent Administration
Gertz Plaza
92-31 Union Hall Street
Jamaica, New York 11433


“Hands off the Maddoxes – 392 CPW, NYC 10025 – Enforce the                                                           RSL”

Visit:WWW.REINSTATEALTONMADDOX.COMfor my political and legal writings.


For more than two decades, several thousand persons have received my invaluable, writings on politics, law and military science, free of any cost, even though the fixed costs to publish them including research, writing, editing and publishing have exceeded over Twenty-five Hundred Dollars monthly.  There is also now a need to upgrade equipment, legal literature and software and to resume the practice of law as the private attorney general without “judicial bullying.” “Freedom is not free.”  No one should ride the back of another person.  This is an accounting principle.

Make contributions for a free and educational press and for a legal defense fund for the U.S. Supreme Court only to:

Friends of Alton Maddox

P.O. Box 35

Bronx, NY 10471

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