California Torched an “Innocent” Man ©

         Until a petit jury finds Christopher Dorner guilty of murder and assault charges, he will always be “presumed innocent”.  California should assemble a grand jury to probe Dorner’s charges of institutionalized racism and corruption in the state’s legal system.  He was a former member of the LAPD and the U.S. Navy.  There are other possible “Dorners” in California.

     It is not far-fetched to accuse a state’s legal system of corruption and racism.  Before I was “barred” from all New York courtrooms, I made a similar charge to Chief Judge Sol Wachtler of the New York Court of Appeals.  Wachtler ordered a blue-ribbon commission to investigate it. This commission found, in 1991, that New York’s judicial system was “infested with racism”.

        This was a damaging finding.  It should have led to the judicial system being placed in receivership.  Instead, I was barred from all courtrooms and Wachtler was sent to prison for, among other things, seriously entertaining my complaint.  No Black selected official nor leading Black, including Rev. Al Sharpton, has ever complained about or mentioned this conclusion.

          The root of racism in the judicial system started in slavery and flourished after the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment.  While the United States initiated and maintained a dual system of education after the Civil War, it sustained a unitary system of justice but with two sets of books.  “Justice” was administered under one tent.

      There are many legal traps and judicial minefields in the judicial system. It starts with the arrest and continues with unreviewable, prosecutorial discretion. Through the grand jury, a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.  A jury trial by your peers is a “farce”.  A prosecutor’s summation is state-sponsored defamation and the jury instructions for Black defendants are found in slave codes.

    Given the racial complexion of the prison-industrial complex, every eligible Black person should not only be registered to vote and enrolled in a compatible, political party but the person should also be an informed voter.  In New York City, for example, there should be at least three district attorneys selected and elected by Blacks.  Their goals should be to reduce the number of Blacks in the prison-industrial complex.  This is a cost savings measure for Black families.


            Tainted jury instructions for Black defendants are systematic. Lawyers routinely waive any objections to prejudicial instructions.  People v. John White, in Suffolk County, is an example.  In defense of his home, himself and his family, White killed a member of a lynch mob instead of him and his family “running for the tall grass”.  The “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply to Black homeowners in New York.

      White was convicted of manslaughter.  No white homeowner would have ever been convicted of a crime for killing a Black trespasser.  In a Texas case, a white person killed two Blacks for invading a neighbor’s home.  The white person was allowed to become a vigilante.  The Black men never knew what hit them.  A grand jury refused to indict the white person for the double murders. The petit jury in People v. John White was instructed that White should have dialed 911 and retreated from his home instead of killing a white person who was perpetrating a hate crime against him and his family.  The Brooklyn Appeals Court found that this was an appropriate jury instruction for a Black homeowner.

            Otherwise, this is not the law.  No police officer is required to respond to a 911 call.  The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a victim does not deserve compensation simply because the police failed to respond to a 911 call.  This jury instruction is only reserved for Blacks.  “Stand Your Ground” laws, on the other hand, are appropriate for whites under all circumstances.

            While John White was defending his home, himself and his family in Suffolk County, NY, John McNeil was defending himself, his home and his son in Kennesaw, GA.  Before he killed a white intruder on his property, he dialed 911. The police ignored his plea for help with impunity.  A jury convicted McNeil of homicide charges and he was given a life sentence for defending himself and his son against an intruder with a dangerous instrument

            You would not expect a judge to give slave law instructions to a jury which was considering defamation charges against myself, C. Vernon Mason and Al Sharpton.  Justice S. Barrett Hickman instructed the petit jury that truth was not a defense in a defamation case.  In other words, we had no business accusing white men of raping a fifteen year-old Black girl.  This means that slave codes are still in operation.

            Dorner is accused of going on a blood-spree because of his wrongful termination from the Los Angeles Police Department for being a whistleblower against a white police officer.  Assuming arguendo that Dorner had falsely accused another police officer of an infraction, wrongful termination is inappropriate. He should have been given a lesser penalty and punishment. 

            His chief complaint was lack of representation in his disciplinary proceeding.  This is also the chief complaint of virtually anyone in the prison-industrial complex.  No one is listening to me.  For four decades, I have been telling Blacks that political and legal representation are off the charts.  Any Black politician or Black lawyer who insists on providing effective representation will be given the hook.

            Dorner volunteered his life to protect “his country”.  He joined the Los Angeles Police Department to “protect and serve”.  On his balance sheet, he was given no credits for his service.  Instead, he was given debits for his alleged, single infraction involving a white person.  This is not the way to chart a balance sheet. Dorner was short-changed and he paid for it with his life.

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