Breakthrough for Brawley, Williams and Maddox ©


“Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.”  This is happening for Tawana Brawley, Wayne Williams and Alton Maddox.  A report from the FBI has demonstrated that Michael Malone has presented false testimony about the analysis of hair.  Although his testimony was “junk science,” it has sent more than one hundred persons to prison or to the gallows.

Malone also appeared as a witness in the Brawley grand jury investigation to give false testimony about a hair analysis.  Brawley was defamed as having created a “hoax.”  Steven Pagones has been able to pick her pocket and to deny her the right to earn a living.

Alton Maddox was charged with and disciplined for having participated in a “hoax.”  Ten years later, a mostly white jury sided with Maddox.  This was of no moment to the media or to the judicial authorities.  He has been unable to practice law for a quarter of a century on a suspension for only five years under a bill of attainder.

On December 12, 1987, the Black community agreed that it would support the struggle for justice. Several “supporters” became millionaires while Maddox is facing an eviction proceeding and is having to go from pillar to post for the basic necessities.   Many have gone AWOL.  Nonetheless, Maddox has stood firm and true to the community.

The black community has chosen to support Gov. Andrew Cuomo against the people’s attorney general and Tawana Brawley.  We are endorsing and financing our own oppression.  Andrew Cuomo and the Clintons harbor deep-seated hatred for descendants of enslaved Africans.  This hatred also emanated from former Gov. Mario Cuomo and former NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams.


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