Bracing for a Star Chamber Decision in Ferguson ©

  It is holiday tradition in this country for the oppressor to bring bad news to descendants of enslaved Africans during the holiday season.  See, for example, the assassination of Sean Bell, the racially-motivated murder of Michael Griffith and the gang rape of fifteen year-old Tawana Brawley.  They are “holiday cheers” for white supremacists.

            The family of Michael Griffith (Howard Beach) and the family of Tawana Brawley (Wappingers Falls) were of the opinion that I was the only attorney who could secure justice for them.  Unfortunately, the Blacks communities saw both incidents as personal injury actions.  These communities had been conditioned to elevate “hush money” over distributive justice.

            Seemingly, the residents of Ferguson, MO are putting the horse before the cart.  Many of these residents are putting an emphasis on civil disobedience.  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  The first requirement should be a “war room.” The first step should be the development of rules of engagement followed by strategies and tactics for a protracted struggle.

            Sun Tzu’s Art of War says that propaganda is the first stage of warfare.  Initially, it is a battle for minds of the oppressed.  To counteract checkbook journalism, a “war” lexicon and plan must first be established.  This should incorporate all kinds of committed professionals. According to Charles Hamilton Houston, social engineers, and not social parasites, should be in the vanguard of the struggle. 

            I have submitted two articles “Critical Thinking 101:  Garner & Brown” and “A Fractionalized Nation: ‘Three-fifths’ of a Race” should jumpstart the discussion. An effective defense to propaganda begins with language.  Our people are handicapped because of the unintended, misuse of English.  Effective planning can surmount this disability.

            On ABC-TV’s World News, it was emphasized that police brutality is not only a national problem but that it is costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  Social engineers, instead of ambulance chasers, should have headed to Ferguson to expose and undermine a state-sponsored conspiracy against the progeny of Dred Scott. 

            Anyone with a blinking brain cell would have certainly made it possible for the only attorney in this country, who had relieved two prosecutors of their prosecutorial duties, to be in Ferguson.  The state-sponsored assassination of Michael Brown is a class action and it is an organized and systematic action by pernicious, police agencies against Blacks.

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           For more than two decades, several thousand persons have received my invaluable, writings on politics, law and military science, free of any cost, even though the fixed costs to publish them including research, writing, editing and publishing have exceeded over Twenty-five Hundred Dollars monthly. There is also now a need to upgrade equipment, legal literature and software and to resume the practice of law as the private attorney general without “judicial bullying.”  “Freedom is not free.”  No one should ride the back of another person.  This is an accounting principle.

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