Booker T. Washington’s Contributions to Education ©

      Last week, Bro. Leroy asked me to appear on “Respect for Life with Brother Leroy” to discuss my early education in the South.  He knew that I had attended three types of schools before 1960.  I first attended a Rosenwald School (Booker T. Washington).  Afterwards, I attended an elementary school sponsored by a local Black church and a Masonic lodge in Coweta County, GA.  Thirdly, I attended a Brown v. Bd. of Ed. School in Coweta County, GA

            I have to give thanks to my mother for doing this radio interview on Monday morning. My birthplace was Inkster MI.  If it had not been for her wisdom, I would have attended schools in Michigan. Even in the early 1950’s, the education for a Black person in Georgia was a far cry from education in Michigan.

            It was not until I arrived in Harlem, in 1973, that I became to understand that the psychological development of a Black child in Harlem was far different than a child educated in Georgia.  Every person is a product of his or her experiences.  In 1950, education in Harlem and education in Newnan, GA were not twins.

            Our community should be thankful to Bro. Leroy for being able to think outside the box and connect the dots.  It is no accident that Bro. Leroy has no access to the airwaves of commercial radio stations.  This is because of this well-settled axiom.  “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

            Our people should treat our minds like we treat our bodies.  Health-conscious Blacks will exercise their bodies but they will not exercise their minds.  No fitness center exists for Black minds.  We put junk food in our minds but we will not subject our bodies to it.  Slavery requires strong bodies and weak-minds.

            You may hear this historic and unprecedented radio program on this Monday, October 7, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. on WHCR-FM (90.3) for residents of Upper Manhattan, South Bronx, Teaneck and Englewood, NJ and you may stream live over: WWW.WHCR.ORG – Harlem Community Radio.


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