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            Kwame Ture would often say:  “Black People are not poor; they are poorly organized.”  A “parrot” would simply repeat the saying.  There had to be a political solution. Ture had been a philosopher and scholar at Howard University. Charles V. Hamilton co-authored Black Power:  The Politics of Liberation.

            Even though black males have been voting, for president, since 1870, there has been no “How to Manual” for blacks to prepare and plan for a presidential election.  Black voters would have to rely on the “goodwill” of their favored party.  Blacks can be seen and not heard.  See, for example, “Commission On Presidential Debates.” 

            For a group to have a “voice” in a presidential campaign, support must be amassed in advance of the campaign.  “If you fail to plan, you intend to fail.”  This is the genius ofCompromise of 2017.  Historically, Blacks have refused or failed to underwrite a “war budget.”  This promotes “plantation politics.”  It enriches Negro titleholders.

            Chief Justice Roger Taney, in Scott v. Sanford, 19 How (60 U.S.) 393 (1857), defines a “man” as a person who is willing “to take the bull by its horns.”  Alton Maddox is a “rarity” in American jurisprudence.  A “boy” as defined by the Fourteenth Amendment is,de jure, without rights.

            Compromise of 2017 means that the book covers matters beyond the “2016 General Election.”  This book also includes the Twentieth Amendment and moves the inauguration to January 20, 2017.  Compromise of 2017 also incorporates the “First 100 Days” of the Trump Administration.

            In those “One Hundred Days,” President Trump has begun to address presidential, executive orders and the selection of a justice for the U.S. Supreme Court to break-up the “Four Horsemen.”  Compromise of 2017 has already discussed the import of Stanford v. Kentucky, 492 U.S. 361 (1989).

            After the lynching of Leo Frank in Marietta, GA, Jews vowed “Never Again!” Numerically, they lacked the demographics of Blacks, but they meant what they said and said what they meant. This is “super glue.” Louis D.  Brandeis became the “first Jew” appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

            Brandeis was up to the task.  He was, first and foremost, a “Zionist” and known as the people’s attorney’s general.”  History would show that it would be politically expedient to trade in Justice Clarence Thomas for a “Pan-Africanist.”  This would give Mr. Trump with a two-for-one.

            Young Black and Latino athletes need a “special interest group” to ensure the protection of these valuable athletes.  See the NFL, NBA and MLB. The likes of a Jeff Sessions, as U.S. Attorney General-designate should not be used to endanger the “Goose” that is laying golden eggs.  This is not even a contest.  Sessions should be a relic of the past.

            To protect Black and Latino youth, Maddox has had to put everything at “risk.” President Trump is fully aware of “debarred” Attorney Maddox.  He knows that whites have a “different standard of humanity.”  When whites say “intelligence,” it certainly means a knowledge of the inner-workings of the slave quarters.

            At the end of One Hundred Days, Compromise of 2017 will still be subject to editing. I have been pleading for support and updating of resource materials.  I am still facing all costs in CPW Towers, LLC v. Maddox, Index No. L&T 86146 (Civ. Ct., N.Y. Co. 2014). 

“If history is about to repeat itself,” I will again be singularly held responsible for the warrant of eviction and all past rent arrears CPW Towers, LLC v. Maddox supra.  On April 6, 2010 I, along with “ad hoc supporters of goodwill” paid rents amounting to Twenty-five Thousand Three Hundred Three Dollars and a warrant of five days on the possessory judgment.  My alleged support system may fail in February 2017.

Compromise of 2017 was “chronicled daily” to address the issues raised by Kwame Ture.  “Poor organization” is the cause and effect of our plight.  The “antidote” is a plan. Blacks have “more grievances” than any other group except Indians.  Every Black person must petition the government daily.  There must be a “deluge of petitions” for the Trump Administration to address.

From the start (October 3, 2017) to the end (April 29, 2017), the “public” and “business record” denote that Alton Maddox is not only the “premier forecaster” in the United States but also the top legal analyst.  It also comes with a “free online course” and a “Hot Bench.”  This is unprecedented.  Nonetheless, a “classroom” is needed to “connect the dots” and expand on “thinking outside the box.”




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