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After the event on this past Wednesday evening in Brooklyn to honor Tawana Brawley and her family, I only received one telephone call about my health. It was from Bro. Monty. Actually, he made three calls. Because of my physical condition, I only intended to make a cameo appearance, but the program required my prolonged appearance. Supporters of Tawana Brawley are not fighting each other for recognition. I was actually on “steroids”. After February 2012, I am happy to be alive.

My problem has been the mental condition of my people and my assumption of their risk. It is not good. Stress has taken its toll on me. In 1962, I heard the Hon. Elijah Muhammad describe us as the “walking dead”. I only wish that we could turn back the hands of time to 1962. Given my current, oppressive work load, I feel like I may be the only Black person living outside the cemetery.

Two years ago, I started sponsoring monthly workshop and legal seminars at the Cotton Club in Harlem in preparation for 2013 and the Freedom Party. For many months, the number of attendees was insufficient to cover the cost of food and rental of floor space. I had to bear the expense. These were usually five-hour sessions. Go to a hotel in Manhattan and attend a seminar for five hours.

Most of our own people are unaware that every Black voter needs his own “handgun”. We have been hunting with handguns owned by whites. This is the essence of “political sharecropping”. The First Amendment and the Second Amendment, read jointly, means that to be a citizen, you must have access to a “ballot and a bullet”.

There is a reason for a “separation of church and state”. In politics, you must have ethics and not religion. You will never find white priests, preachers and rabbis in the white community involved in politics. Preachers, priests and rabbis in the Black community, on the other hand, are talking about “disarmament” and “turning to the other check”. Meet them at the ballot box while they are receiving money under the table.

In June 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court in Shelby Co., Al v. Holder ruled that a people who have failed to take care of its teeth did not need a Voting Rights Act of 1965. This is actually a “political question” and beyond the reach of the “High Court” but no one made the “political question” argument and Black preachers refused to file an amicus curiae brief. We now have, at best, false teeth.

When whites acquired the ballot, they immediately built a delivery system. One hundred fifty years later, Blacks have built “zero” and we are bent on defeating the mission of our revered ancestors. As presently constituted, the Freedom Party intends to kill two birds with one stone. This also includes “Tawana, A Slave” and the “Central Park 7”. We are financing and endorsing our own oppression.

By eradicating the right to the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, there is no claim to citizenship. Stop, question and frisk becomes automatic. By law, a 501 (c) (3) not- for -profit corporation under the IRC cannot draft voting rights legislation. This eliminates all civil rights organizations that are promising to draft this legislation.

The Freedom Party is supposedly still attempting to draft a code of ethics. It is not in the blocks. Four pages, claiming to be a code of ethics, will not do the trick. In short, the Freedom Party is as dead as a doornail. It is already over its head. The cart has been placed before the horse.

On Wednesday night, I cried all the way to the Brooklyn Christian Center. These tears were for my people and a lack of HELP (History, Ethics, Logic and Philosophy). After two years, no one in the Freedom Party even understands HELP. I go back to December 12, 1987 when more than a thousand activists pledged, in Newburgh, NY, to support Tawana Brawley. They were all MIA on Wednesday night. Ethics is unimportant to Blacks. So also are history, logic and philosophy.

Black men have never had to courage to defend a Black female against a white male. Nonetheless, these Black men still have support from the Black community. Now, Letitia James has decided to be a “problem”. She has never read the “Compromise of 1877 and the Black lawyers who had to flee the United States or stay home and be lynched.

If Ms. James intends, as public advocate, to enforce the rights of Blacks, she will become another “Judge Bruce Wright”. White men will give her a public flogging while all Black men run for the “tall grass”. If history is correct, I will be the only Black man attempting to take a stand. Because of my physical condition, I need to be in a nursing home “with good intentions”. Black people do not own a nursing home and I am without any resources. My daily existence depends on any good Samaritan.

I hope that everyone will watch the tribute this past Wednesday evening at the Brooklyn Christian Center. Among other things, you will definitely understand HELP and you will understand the “Compromise of 1877”. All proceeds will go to Tawana, A. Slave. No Black person should be looking for a profit or a short-cut. Keep this videotape off of You Tube which will not HELP Tawana A, Slave. For fighting for all Black women, she must pay her rapist over Three Hundred Dollars weekly. Most Black women are off partying.

If Sonny Liston had been afraid to go into the boxing ring to fight Muhammad Ali, no one in his or her right mind would declare Liston the champion. This is what happened to Steven Pagones. Blacks declared him the winner even though he refused and failed to invite Tawana into the courtroom. We sick boss?
Steven Pagones was afraid to serve Tawana with legal papers. He feared that Tawana would “finger” him in the courtroom. Yet, Blacks are accusing Tawana of perpetrating a “hoax”. She never had her day in court in New York or in Virginia. Due process requires otherwise. Where is the “hoax”?

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