“Black [Unity Week]”: A Start ©


This Tuesday, November 7, 2016, will be an “African-American holiday” founded in 1969 and based on the play, “Day of Absence.”  Because it invariably happens on the Tuesday before Election Day, the general inference is that “group power” could positively affect political elections to the benefit of blacks.  It is known as “Black Solidarity Day.”

To describe “Black Solidarity Day” within the context of “legalese,” it is a “Cold Bench.”  In the legal arena, an appellate court receives “briefs” urging the appellate court to reverse trial errors.  These appellate judges routinely refuse to read these appellate briefs from black appellants before the argument of the appeal.  These appellate judges are unable to ask pertinent questions.  A “tie” goes to the prosecution.  This happened in “Central Park 7.”

Blacks have had more than a year to be entertained by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  It reminds me of a church revival.  When blacks were disenfranchised, the congregations would sing:  “Hush, Hush, Somebody’s calling my name.”  After 1965, the song changed to:  “Hush, Hush, Nobody’s calling my name.”

On November 8, 2016, black and white voters will go to the polls but whites will be driven by HELP.  White voters will have the “passion” to vote for “the best interests of  their children.”  Black voters, on the other hand, are engaged in “self-interest.”  Black children have to swim for themselves.  Mentacide and discriminatory treatment, in public schools, are of no import.

“Black Solidarity Day” is not a state holiday.  Absence from schools, and required  examinations in public schools, is unauthorized.  Our children are under complete, “white control.”  Mixing “white control” of schools with “black control” of communities is like throwing kerosene on a fire.  Unfortunately, whites have a monopoly on “control.”

In the last two years, black children have suffered, several beatings and killings from “hostile, militarized, standing armies” and especially when our children have had to face “organized predators” alone.  Black parents have refused to organize sleep-away summer camps, providing “survival skills” and “self-identity” to our children, from an African perspective.

These disenfranchised, children, and children yet unborn, will have to suffer from a “Compromise of 2017” from an all-white bargaining unit.  Almost single-handedly, and almost, at my own expense, I have sought to form and operate a Freedom Party against the overt, negative efforts of “persons hostile to our children and who support “white paternalism.”

A political miracle did happen in 2010.  Freedom Party made the ballot.  Legislatively, it was presumed to be a walk-on.  On the first Wednesday in September 2010, however, the Washington Post reported that Rev. Al Sharpton had received a “windfall” of seven million dollars.  This money went to Charles Barron and Company.  It was doled out to his key operatives. Barron was the 2010 gubernatorial nominee for the Freedom Party.

In New York, NY Election Law requires that all ballots be given to the New York Police Department.  The NYPD and the $ilver rites movement are aligned with the Democratic Party.  The Freedom Party, in its original intent, is opposed to “plantation politics,” like Fannie Lou Hamer and Kwame Ture had opposed it in 1964.

It is not surprising that Barron refused to challenge the inexplicable misplacement of 191,000 ballots.  Only 50,000 votes were necessary for Freedom Party to be a politically-recognizable political party with automatic ballot status.  The Freedom Party could have become, in six years, a “political force” nationwide.

Trump’s claim, that the “election is rigged,” has merit.  The Freedom Party saw it first-hand in 2010.  In addition, “Bush 41” also experienced it in 1992.  Earlier, international bondholders met and gave “Bush 41” a thumbs-down.  The Electoral College was in accord.  William Jefferson Clinton was given the crown.

In light of the problems facing our children, “Black Solidarity Day” is a “one-night stand.”  To enjoy political rights, blacks must have its own “bargaining unit.”  Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts gave blacks this advice during Reconstruction.  Dr. John Henrik Clarke hit the nail on its head. “Blacks refuse to listen.”

Pressure groups must get busy today, with a study group, a signal caller and a law library.  Our problems are mired in “legalese.”  If blacks are unable to address them with “legalese,” white supremacists will elevate the struggle to “military science.”  This means a “military plan” which encompasses (1) Goals (2) Timetables (3) Strategies and (4) Tactics.

Philosophically, Freedom Party is unable to endorse either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.  Yet, the Freedom Party is in “the hunt.”  An “omen” of the “Compromise of 2017” is the burning of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, MS.  This was a class action. History must not “repeat itself.”

If President Barack Obama is unable or unwilling to step up to the plate for black veterans, “economic sanctions” are in order.  The next move should be a focus on Thanksgiving Day and a massive march to the United Nations.  It can be followed by a withdrawal of black dollars on “Black Friday.”

The call should be made, throughout the nation, on November 7, 2016.  Black churches should already be “humming” on this Saturday.  We must get busy.  Wires should be hot.  Dogs believe that “no dog should be left behind.”  We must prove that we have, at least, “dog sense.”


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