BLACK SOLIDARITY DAY – Maddox: A Lawyer’s Lawyer

             Since I came to New York, I have been a shepherd for not only the black community but also for black lawyers.  I started in Manhattan Supreme Court. Court officers would give preferential treatment to white attorneys.  Black lawyers, for example, were unable to sit on the front row.  Judge Bruce Wright was engaged in a turf  war.  Any race-conscious judge will face aturf war today.

            I found it difficult to embrace the notion of a court officer being in control of a courtroom even if he or she had a loaded weapon.  This is apolice state.  I defined myself as an officer of the court.  I understand that a court officer must address public safety concerns but a court officeris underneath an officer of the court.

            Moreover, white felons and white immigrants are allowed to practice law in New York while black felons and African immigrants are unfit to practice law.  To me, it is like a railroad conductor, in interstate commerce, ordering a black passenger to the caboose.

             I have no intention of going back to slavery.  My rallying cry is forward ever, backwards never.  Any badge of slavery is acrime against humanity. Our ancestors invested their lives into our enjoying a better life.  Now, black leaders are fiddling while the Underground Railroad is in reverse.

            We met on this issue on this pastSaturday.  The chant was “Never Again!”  “I would rather be dead and in my grave than to be a slave.” A second meeting will be held on Black Solidarity Day at Freedom Party Headquarters, 1061 Atlantic Avenue (bet. Franklin and Classon) in Brooklyn.  Limited seating.

            Town Justice Ryan T. Donovan of Bethlehem Town Court in Delmar, NY pulled out his eraser and admittedly and unilaterally altered the transcript in People v. Maddox to shortchange my rights.  This is a crime.  This is a normal treatment of blacks, however.  This is a class action under Dred Scott. It violates Penal Law § 175.25, a class D felony.  It is called “Tampering with public records” and it is a “bait and switch.”

            This is not the first time that criminal conduct has been initially used to deny me the right to earn a living.  An intermediate appellate court wrongfully claimed that I did not have a “clean disciplinary record.”  This lie was employed, on August 1, 1994, to subsequently definitely suspend me for five years from the practice of law.  Now, it is twenty-five years later.  This is another “bait and switch.”

            Justices of the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department in Brooklyn said, “the respondent [Maddox] does not have an unblemished disciplinary record.”  They refer to the July 11, 1984 courtroom incident in Manhattan.  I was acquitted at trial and no transcript exists of an attorney disciplinary hearing.  This is a felony under Penal Law 175.35.  Call (718) 875-1300 to view the ghosttranscript in Matter of Maddox, Alton H., August 1, 1994.

            No other lawyer in this nation has given more of his or her legal services, pro bono, to blacks to combat racism in the judicial system.  I repeatedly put my legal career on the line to defend unpopular persons and causes.  I earned my stripes in judicial wars.

            The latest insult was Min. Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Al Sharpton collaborating to refer to attorney Benjamin Crump as “the attorney-at-war.” It would be like Sharpton referring to Farrakhan as the “Godfather of Soul.”  Both Sharpton and Farrakhan promised to be with Tawana Brawley until New York had raised the white flag.  They are MIA.

            In 1990, Min. Farrakhan and Rev. Sharpton agreed not to endorse attorney Joseph Mack.  Instead, they chose to endorse the New Alliance Party of Dr. Lenora Fulani over Mack’s United African Party.  This was like slapping down Marcus Garvey for Fred Newman who is no Marcus Garvey.

            The Black Lives Matter Movement will remain on the back burner until blacks are willing to join the Black Rights Consciousness Movement which is necessary to validate theBlack Lives Matter Movement.  In recent times, the Black Rights Consciousness Movementofficially existed from the death of Michael Stewart to Tawana Brawley.  Advocates for Trayvon Martin never embraced the Black Rights Consciousness Movement.

            No one should appear in Bethlehem Town Court without an officer of the court.  This is a right of the people to attend a public trial. The motorcade should remain in front of the courthouse.  In 1851, blacks in a federal courthouse in Boston, MA had an officer of the court in Robert Morris, Sr.  The rest is history for Shadrack.

 Since May 21, 1990, New York has decided that blacks are not under the Sixth Amendment and are not entitled to officers of the court.  This constitutional right belongs to the people.  It can only be exercised through the right to travel which Moses embraced in Biblical times.

            Any black, criminal defendant, under the Sixth Amendment, is not entitled to an officer of the court of any ilk.  A lawyer is an officer of the court inside his or her own law office but inside the courtroom he or she is a junior prosecutor. This is a routine “bait and switch.”  On the other hand, Tyrone Howard is only entitled, ab initio, to a junior prosecutor.  He is indicted for killing a cop.

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