Black Solidarity Day Freedom Party Headquarters – 2:00 p.m. Manhattan Borough President Percy E. Sutton

          Although the late Percy E. Sutton has admirers and detractors, blacks should ensure that he be recognized as the architect of the New York City Marathon through all five boroughs.  His photograph should be all along the route to remind all New Yorkers of his efforts to establish this annual event, today, in New York City.


            As Malcolm X, who had Mr. Sutton as his attorney, said:  “Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research.”  Hon. Marcus Garvey said:  “A people without a history is like a tree without roots.”  For this reason and others, no child should be left behind in a public school in New York City.


            A Eurocentric education is the number one cause of mentacide.  On this 2015 Black Solidarity Day, all parents should pledge to do better in educating our children.  A different education “or else” should be the rallying cry.  Otherwise, it is a police state like at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC.


            The “or else” should be a boycott of all public schools in September 2016.  “Black Friday” is not our number one problem.  It is white paternalism.  This is a badge of slavery and evidence of bad habits.  Our other problem is reputation evidence.  It was derived from the slave codes and the U.S. Constitution.  For blacks, it is constitutional defamation, a cause of action in tort law.


            As a black community, we must assiduously embrace HELP (History Ethics Logic Philosophy).  These are the four special batteries for a flashlight.  A flashlight, with four special batteries, is needed to bring blacks out of darkness and into light.  The last four hundred years have been a protracted struggle amid white terrorism.


            Our ancestors in ancient Egypt gave us the law of wills and the law of trusts. The law of wills obligates blacks to preserve the legacies of our ancestors.  The law of trusts imposes a fiduciary duty on blacks to engender trust.  White supremacists cherry-picked our jurisprudence to establish

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