Black Snitches or Black Community?




            “Repetition is the key.” I have repeated this story many times but Blacks still lack an appreciation for it.  It is about a meeting between myself, Rev. Al Sharpton, attorney C. Vernon Mason and Moses Stewart on one side and, on the other side, a group which included Assemb. Frank Barbaro and business leaders from Bensonhurst. The meeting concerned the killing of Yusuf Hawkins in 1989.


            When I demanded names of the lynch mob in consideration for UAM not marching in Bensonhurst in 1990, Assemb. Barbaro said, in no uncertain terms, “we do not snitch on our children”.  I abruptly left the meeting.  Later, Rev. Sharpton would be making a change of venue and riding in a new car from New Jersey to New York daily. His attire was changed from a jumpsuit with a medallion to a three piece suit with a tie.


            Twenty-two years later, Blacks still have not learned this lesson.  About three weeks ago, Tomicka Mallory stated, in effect, that it was a capital offense for the community to remain silent about the identity of the shooter of 4 year-old Lloyd Morgan.  He was carrying a “piece”.  She blasted the Black community for refusing to snitch on the shooter.  Rev. Sharpton was in her company and he raised no objection.


            A few days after Mallory’s comments, state Sen. Eric Adams, in the company of community residents, encouraged them to snitch on their families, friends and neighbors suspicious of criminal activity.  There was no mentioning of a witness protection program.  Even “Uncle Sam” has a witness protection program and also has deep pockets.  With Adams, a Black snitch must fly by the seat of his or her pants.


            In a Daily News article dated August 12, 2012 and entitled: “App to report wrongdoing” state Sen. Eric Adams is pushing an app about criminal activity which can be submitted to the NYPD.  Adams has submitted no legislation which would protect the user.  This lack of legislation would be unheard of in the Jewish community.  The state always pays whites for legislation.



            The scuttlebutt surrounding the death of the key prosecution witness in United States v. Floyd Flake should give anyone pause about being a “canary”.  The key prosecution witness became the victim of a hit and run.  No suspect was ever apprehended.  Rev. Floyd Flake was the beneficiary of this mishap.  The government had to move to dismiss his felony prosecution.



            There is a difference between being a “snitch” and employing a government-sponsored camera surveillance program.  With a surveillance program, the government is employing its own tools.  A snitch is a euphemism for a “slave” unless the “snitch” is currying favor with law enforcement personnel for a lenient sentence.  A slave has a fiduciary duty to tell on another slave. 


            As a police officer, Adams should know that the legal system in the United States is adversarial.  Police officers are paid to solve crimes independent of any assistance from another person or entity. Other related personnel are paid to back up the police officers.  No police department, so far, has complained, in good faith, about a lack of financial support.  Snitches receive financial support.  Slaves are good samaritans.


            You will never find a white, elected official holding a press conference to encourage white constituents to snitch on each other.  Before Levi Aron pled guilty to murdering 8-year-old Laiby Kletzky, Assemb. Dov Hikind had already introduced legislation in the New York Legislature to secure security cameras.  The cost is One Million Dollars.  He never asked Jews to “snitch” on each other.


            This would be an invasion of privacy.  The sine qua non of slavery is a lack of privacy.  Black people are still in slavery.  They lack an expectation of privacy. Adamswould be run out of town if his constituents were white.  White people have standards. Most Blacks, on the other hand, have none.  Before Blacks get a taste of freedom, the Civil War will have to be fought again.  This time, the Democrats may have “Abe Lincoln” in the “White House”.


            Only a community spirit stops crime in the community.  Snitching only promotes further crimes and put more people at risk.  Adams is unable to help himself. He is the product of a slave culture.  In the Black community, only the blind is able to lead the blind.  This is the intended result of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


            Marcus Garvey was the victim of snitching.  The NAACP led the charge for Blacks to snitch on Garvey who was initially represented by Cornelius W. McDougal, a Black lawyer.  Garvey was dissatisfied with McDougal who would later receive a stipend from New York State.  Garvey’s co-defendant, Ellie Garcia, also retained a Black lawyer, Lincoln Johnson, Jr.   Charges would be dismissed against him.

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