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It is axiomatic that I wake up every morning to converse with revered ancestors.  Yesterday morning was no different.  Afterwards, I was told to pen a letter to Mayor William de Blasio who is directly responsible for the conduct of the New York Police Department.  I have called for it to be placed in receivership.

The killing of black women, in New York, by members of the New York Police Department, is routine.  Black women are not “safe” in their homes.  The NYPD threw a hand grenade in the apartment of Alberta Spruill in a pre-dawn raid in Manhattan.

Eleanor Bumpurs, an elder, was killed by a shotgun blast.  Yesterday, an unarmed Deborah Danner, 66, was killed in her home, by NYPD.  All of these criminal transactions happened without a warrant or any semblance of probable cause.  A woman’s home should be her castle.

There has been no response to these killings.  Blacks, in New York, are buying up popcorn and sodas to watch a “charade” at the “Wednesday Night-Fights” in, of all places, Las Vegas.  This is an old stomping ground of Donald Trump.  His friends at “Fox” will referee it.  The “charade” should be interrupted by questions about the status of black women.

His prescription for a mentally-deranged and unarmed black woman is to shoot her down like a “dog.”  Pitbulls are handed over to the ASPCA. A black woman is a “chattel slave.”  This would never happen to a female of another ethnic group.  It could also happen to any person who intermingles with “Negroes.”  When the status of black women is  pointed out, black women will blame the messenger for the message.

There has been no protest over the killing of Deborah Danner, 66.  Black Lives Matter has also been silent about the “double standard of justice” in Florida. I am the bogeyman because I have a distinguished record of going after white rapists and murderers.  I prefer “trial by combat.”  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has repealed the executive order in Howard Beach without any complaint.

If any five hundred black men had read my letter to de Blasio and if at least one hundred had showed up in the Manhattan Civil Court on Wednesday, whites would, at least, assume that we had a “pulse.”  Blacks receive, and possibly, read my missiles while whites are manning anti-aircraft missiles.

Al Sharpton has told “Negroes” that they will not get any more “cheese” if they are seen in my presence.  “Negroes” are trained seals.  Eight persons were in court on Wednesday.  Sharpton and Assemb. Charles Barron will be given extra “dog food.”  They also serve as “runners” for Sanford Rubenstein, an “ambulance chaser” and a “$ilver rites” attorney.  Rubenstein is already counting his “blood money.”

This housing court case will continue until “judge-shopping” is outlawed in New York.  It was adjourned to November 30.  Military science requires that the person who loves his people must suffer the most.  I am no better than Martin L. King, Jr., Malcolm X or Medgar Evers.  The struggle continues.

Since blacks, nationwide, failed to put any pressure on Office of Court Administration, the case is still in Part F.  I believe in completing a job.  Howard Beach would not have stopped Bernard Goetz and Joseph Fama from killing Yusuf Hawkins and maiming four black boys on a subway train.  I had to complete the mission.

It is of no doubt that this prolonged extension will have a detrimental impact on both Leola and myself but “judge-shopping would have continued if I had raised the “white flag.”  My father gave me some important instructions:  “You may give out but never give up.”

An all-day correspondence class will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem.  Included in the course fee of $125.00 are “missiles” as a correspondence text an African-centered lecture, on law and politics that is, guaranteed, unavailable, at Harvard University School of Law, Howard Law School and JFK School of Government at Harvard University.

Advance reservation is strongly encouraged.

Call  UAM at 718-834-9034 or E-mail TNAHSA@AOL.COM.


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