April 3 is no April Fool’s Day ©

“People without vision shall perish”. Forty-five years ago on April 3, 1968 in Memphis, TN, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. prophetically delivered his “Mountaintop Speech”. The venue of this speech is this country’s version of Memphis on the Nile in ancient Egypt. His speech gave us our destination: “The Promised Land”.

Malcolm X said: “Land is the basis for all revolutions”. Before the Europeans arrived in the “Americas”, Indians practiced communal law. This meant that land was not owned by anyone and no person could be the property of another person. “Legitimate rape” is about “private property”. “Private property” changed the landscape of the “Americas”.

Until “private property” is not recognized as a legal concept in the “Americas”, slavery will continue in the United States because it is a natural outgrowth of “private property”. On April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in Harlem, Dr. King announced his declaration of war against “private property”. Poverty is also an outgrowth of war and it is a “badge of slavery”.

Today, a “War on Poverty” is not a tenet of the Democratic Party even though the Democratic Party speaks for more than ninety-five percent of all Blacks. Most Black selected officials and leading Blacks are Democrats. Instead of representing Blacks, they are operating a criminal enterprise and living large. This is a classic example of Blacks financing and endorsing their own oppression.

Neither Dr. King, Malcolm X, Kwame Ture nor Jamil Abdul Al-Amin were Democrats. Philosophically, they were banned from the Democratic Party. The mission of all Black selected officials in the Democratic Party is to preserve “private property” at all costs. White supremacy is a political tool to preserve the legal concept of “private property”.

Citizenship was not defined in the U.S. Constitution which was written in 1787. When the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified in 1865, citizenship remained undefined. The next step was the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Blacks were given the right to own “private property” but citizenship still remained undefined. Citizenship was not defined until the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment. “Private property” had trumped citizenship.

New York State Senator Malcolm Smith is enrolled in the Democratic Party, as a political hybrid. He is a “donkey” on the outside and an “elephant” on the inside. His britches are not able to accommodate a growing elephant inside of him. In other words, he got “too big for his britches”. This has landed him in the throes of the criminal justice system.

Rev. Jesse Jackson is the prototype of an elephant in donkey’s clothing. It is no accident that he enrolled first at the University of Illinois before he landed at North Carolina A&T under the tutelage of Dr. Sam Proctor, an illustrious member of the “Boule”. He then went to the University of Chicago, a Rockefeller institution.

Before Rev. Al Sharpton found me, he was headed on the same road as Malcolm Smith. As white supremacists were closing in on Sharpton, he got a tip from Prof. Jim Sleeper of Yale University. Sharpton should get under my wings. Promising that he was looking for a “second change”, Sharpton joined a “movement”. He had been part of a “moment”. By reneging on his promise, he is now part of a well-oiled “machine.

In other words, Sharpton has returned to his vomit. Andy Cooper, publisher of the City Sun, recounted to me, in Sharpton’s presence, that Sen. Alphonse D’Amato had given Sharpton Five Hundred Thousand Dollars before I had met Sharpton. Sharpton did not deny it. In his first, Republican bid for governor, George Pataki rented the pulpit of Abyssinian Baptist Church for Sharpton to deliver a sermon. Sharpton is now the head of the “Negro” wing of the Democratic Party.

Unlike Sharpton and Smith, Jackson has encountered no serious bumps on the road despite the circumstances of his birth. From the outset, he was given the designation of a “house Negro”. Sharpton and Smith were born as “field Negroes”. They have spent their entire lives seeking a change of racial classification. A change of name is a civil right but a change of a racial classification is subject to code law.

The Freedom Party and the United African Movement are moved by these words of Dr. King: “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. These words may be espoused by anyone enrolled in either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party but they cannot be words of action.

This MLK week-end, the Freedom Party and the United African Movement will join Tawana and Glenda Brawley on April 6 at, of all places, Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th Street N.W., in Washington, DC. This will occur on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. Tawana and Glenda could have taken “hush money” and took off for the tall grass. Instead, they are mounting a test case like Rosa Parks in Montgomery, AL. They seek to end “legitimate rape”.

This power-packed weekend is steeped in history dating back to a “Nile Valley on the Potomac” tour, a visit to the “Blacks in Wax Museum” in Baltimore and the Civil War Museum in DC to give homage to our revered ancestors who gained our limited rights in this country on Civil War battlefields.

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