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My comment on the homegoing services on Saturday for Ken Thompson has zero to do with the achievements of Ken Thompson.  Instead, my comments are about the persons who hoisted the dais.  Not a single one of them, except one, had publicly supported Thompson while he was alive.  Gov. Andrew demonstrated no effort to end “judicial racism” against black and Latino children.

My analysis of the homegoing services at the Brooklyn Cultural Center is consistent with the analysis of Malcolm X’s comments about the “1963 March on Washington.”  In 1963, New York enacted New York Penal Law § 140.50 despite Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961).  It is still good law in New York.  In 1965, the New York Police Department assassinated Malcolm X in “Harlem.” The doors of all churches were boarded up –temporarily.

“Stop, question and frisk” is still on the books in New York despite Mapp v. Ohio supra.  In addition, there is also Article 30 of the New York Penal Law which is the “War on Children.”  There is also New York’s Juvenile Offender Law which arose after the “Soweto uprisings” in apartheid South Africa.

Now, Ken Thompson is being praised for “a drop in the bucket.”  This is no fault of Thompson who was fighting an “uphill battle.”  He had no support system. Black parents are enjoying their “booties” at the expense of their children. This is “booty politics.” When costs exceed benefits, these parents throw their children to “serfdom.”  Thompson died for all of us.

The same thing is happening with the effort to form a political party nationwide:  “We wish to plead our own cause.  Too long have others spoken for us.”  When a black man seeks to prolong and preserve the legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer,  far too many black parents join those who have, habitually and historically, rooted for “Tarzan and Jane” over the Africans.  Our children suffer.

Blacks, nationwide, have chastised me for representing Rev. Sharpton.  I represented Sharpton for one reason.  Jack Newfield telephoned him.  Newfield, an ally of Gov. Mario Cuomo, and NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams, hated Don King.  Newfield wanted to replace King with Bob Arum, King’s rival.

Newfield telephoned Sharpton to warn him that the police was headed to his home.  I speak legalese.  This telephone call meant that Newfield had been in the grand jury as an unsworn, grand juror.  This conduct violates Article 190 of the Criminal Procedure Law.  Instead of making a motion to dismiss the indictment, I moved, swiftly, for a trial.
This was a surprise move.  The prosecutors vehemently objected.  I demanded that twelve be put in the box forthwith.  I waived all of Sharpton’s “rites.”  This was of no moment to me since I have never questioned a client about the indictment and would never allow any client to testify or to plead guilty.  Clients frown on spending money for their legal defense.  This included Sharpton.

By going to trial, instead of making a motion to dismiss, under Article 210 of the Criminal Procedure Law, would cost me Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars.  This was 67 counts. The benefit to Sharpton was the “double jeopardy clause” under the Fifth Amendment.  Blacks, in New York, believe that “freedom is free” despite the caveat of President Thomas Jefferson.

This move would also save Don King.  The problem, with law schools, is their Eurocentric textbooks.  Dean Charles Hamilton Houston would have to pay for this indiscretion by allowing Prof. James Nabritt to pen a textbook entitled “Cases and Materials on Civil Rights.”  Houston would pay for it in 1950.  Nabritt sought to undermine Civil Rights Cases, 109 U.S. 3 (1883)

Don King is not mentioned in any law school textbook but he was the “driving force” behind Mapp v Ohio supra.  This ephemeral, judicial decision would undermine our status as “slaves” in the United States.  It had to be quickly replaced with Terry v. Ohio 392 U.S. 1 (1968).   All Blacks owe King.  I was being ethical.

Ohio is a “battleground state” in presidential elections.  It is also the home of Rutherford B. Hayes who entered into the 1877 Compromise with Samuel Tilden, former governor of New York. Sharpton attended Tilden High School in Brooklyn.  His high school education would affect his politics.

I had to fashion a battle plan to save both Sharpton and King.  New York had retaliated against King for Mapp.  Both Dolly Mapp and King lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  They were friends and business associates.  King was not a “rat.”  He would not abandon “a friend in need.”  This was a problem for him.

The research for this matter can be found in the pre-trial and trial transcripts in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley [nominal defendant] Index No. 4595 (Sup Ct. Dutchess C. 19988).  This civil action is replete with “baits and switches.”  It is apublic record.  The fingerprints of Rudolph Giuliani are also in it. Contact Gov. Cuomo (212- 257-6405/ 518- 474-8390) to reproduce the transcripts.  Stand Your Ground! (Trayvon Martin).

Ken Thompson was only a middleman. He cried out forHELP.  His need was for the architect, who had almost singlehandedly dismantled New York’s racist, criminal justice system, to help him.  I became aware that Thompson had cancer but I had no idea that it would “take him out” in under a week.

Today, every black person must organize on October 17 forOctober 19, and October 22.  No one knows Donald Trump better than me.  I have been involved in three proxy wars  –Howard Beach, “Central Park 7” and Tawana Brawley – with him.  If you know Al Sharpton, you know Donald Trump.

A “slave” will require a” bill of particulars.”  Time is of the essence.  There was a reason why I sponsored a “planning conference” on October 3, 2015 which was the fiftieth anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1965.  I knew that this 2016 presidential sweepstakes was for “all the marbles.” A knowledge of “political forecasting” is missing in the black community.

Donald Trump is correct like in the presidential contest between Bush 41 and William J. Clinton.  It is reverse psychology, however.  Investors’ Votes Matter.  They convened and voted for Clinton over “Bush 41.”  This is a “special interest group” like in the U.S. Constitution.  White men have always been a “pressure group.”  Like in football, blacks must organize and form a “pressure group.”


An all-day correspondence class will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem.  Included in the course fee is an African-centered lecture, on law and politics that is, guaranteed, and unavailable, at Harvard University School of Law, Howard Law School or JFK School of Government at Harvard University and “missiles” as a correspondence text.


This correspondence course is designed for blacks to establish a nationwide, political party.  “We must plead our own cause.” A voter must understand philosophy and exercise legal options.  This is a “nation of immigrants” which excludes Blacks and Indians. This is a “bait-and-switch.”  Neither are immigrants.


Advance reservation is strongly encouraged.  To reserve your space contact United African Movement at 718-834-9034 or e-mail TNAHSA@AOL.COM.  The subject line should indicate reservation for the 10/22 Workshop.


This is a testament to black children.  Send check or money order in order to register and made payable to “Alton H. Maddox, Jr.”  and mail to:

United African Movement

P.O. Box 35

Bronx, NY 10471


Keep the Pressure On!

  1. Commission on Presidential Debates
  2. Hillary for America – (646) 854-1432/ Tel: (212) 627-4140
  3. Donald Trump for President – (212) -832- 2000


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  5.   Wayne Isaacs
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  7.   Validation of Freedom Party (2010)


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