Alton Maddox on “The Shomari Show” Today


            My concern on “The Shomari Show” today is to discuss a “call” for persons to assemble at the United Nations in Manhattan, 405 E 42nd St, (1st Ave.) New York City, New York 10017 on September 26, 2016 to renew the 1951 petition of our ancestors entitled “We Charge Genocide.”  This renewed application seeks to enjoin longstanding grievances and to address issues of genocide since the original 1951 petition.

            The organizing of this assembly to the United Nations on September 26, 2016 is based on a “top to bottom approach.” Interested groups include political parties, special interest groups and pressure groups as those groups are commonly defined. The first contact is with umbrella groups, followed by regional groups and, afterwards, local groups.

            Philosophically, the movement is from civil rights groups to human rights groups.  This movement has no reverse in its transmission.  The $ilver rites movement has never had any standing in the struggle for African liberation.  There is a difference between a civil rights organization and a $ilver rites organization.

            At the bottom of this structure are historically oppressed persons and their allies and sympathizers in the struggle.  A show of force includes the masses with messages.  This show of force must include banners, flags display messages on placards, among other things, and is also protected by the First Amendment.

            I can be heard today, Friday September 23, 2016 at 1:20 p.m.  “The Shomari Show” is aired from Philadelphia, PA on  900AM-WURD. The program will be streaming at

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