Alton Maddox on “Reel Talk”

         When whites catch a cold blacks suffer from pneumonia.  Donald Trump is questioning the citizenship status of children born in the United States to illegal immigrants.  Most Asians, Latinos and Indians are unaware that blacks not only saved the Union but also immigrants who now despise blacks. Every immigrant should pass a test on black history.

            Although China and the United States are now acting with poker faces, the Supreme Court, during the 1880’2 and 1890’s, had to settle myriad disputes involving immigration.  Congress, in 1882, initiated and passed a series of Chinese Exclusion Acts. Chinese women were automatically barred from entering the United States because of the doctrine ofjus soli.

            While Trump is questioning the status of Latinos and Asians, his gun is aimed at blacks.  To exclude Asians and Latinos, he will, perforce, have to invalidate the Fourteenth Amendment.  Our citizenship has been questioned since 1857.  Trump will seek to show that the Fourteenth Amendment was not properly ratified.

            Our fate will have to depend on the intelligence of the likes of attorneys Benjamin Crump, Roger Wareham and Sanford Rubenstein.  The $ilver rites movement will have to direct this protracted struggle.  The U.S. Supreme Court peeped Thurgood Marshall’s lack of a working knowledge of black history in Brown v. Bd. of Ed.

            I attended the homegoing services of Mother Kefa Nephthys.  She gave so much to our community through First World Alliance.  Unfortunately, blacks refuse to give any deference to Maat.  The funeral home seized her body. There was no money and no insurance.  It took a month before we would place Dr. Ben’s body in the ground.  “Slaves” went nuts when I characterized this as a “slave burial.”  We should be ashamed of ourselves!

            Hear more about the issues discussed above on Saturday morning, August 22, 2015, from 10 a.m. to11:00 a.m. EST. I will be interviewed by Leroy (Bro. J) Vallot, host of “Reel” Talk Radio (KJCB 770 AM) of Lafayette, LA, on to Stream Live to Stream by Tele:337-321-4080.

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