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   The Savannah Street Public Library in Newnan, GA was able to connect me with life beyond the “Cotton Curtain.”  It was financed and established by black teachers who were aware that any product under “Jim Crow” would be “inferior.”  An “inferior” product was necessary to sustain white supremacy.  The “steel magnate,” Andrew Carnegie, would only build a “white only” public library in Newnan.

            Unfortunately, the photograph of those brave teachers, who built and maintained the Savannah Street Public Library, is only in the file of the Newnan Times Herald.  There is no black-owned newspaper in Newnan.  A. Philip Randolph built a network for the distribution of black newspapers, in the South, like the Chicago Tribune, Pittsburgh Courier, the Amsterdam News and the Atlanta Daily World, et. al.

            Black unity can never be achieved without a “Black Dictionary.”  The newly-liberated, English Colonists recognized the need for a “dictionary.”  They commissioned Noah Webster to pen it.  Thomas Paine had already penned “Common Sense.”  A dictionary is the “gateway” to critical thinking.

            This failed to happen to newly-emancipated, blacks and we are still moving on the “wrong foot.”  Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that blacks are “deaf, dumb and blind.”  Dr. John Henrik Clarke seconded the motion.  It does not take a “rocket scientist” to conclude that all black lawyers have to not only be equipped with “strong backs” but also “strong minds.”

            Among other things, I was curious about military academies.  The Citadel was established after the uncovering of Denmark Vesey’s plan for a slave revolt, including free blacks, on May 30, 1822.  A law was “passed” for a free black to have the appointment of a “respectable, white guardian.”  The Virginia Military Institute arose after “Nat Turner’s rebellion” on August 21, 1831.

            I have told this story many times.  A black lawyer “stunned” me on Malcolm X Blvd.  He insisted that I disclose my “rabbi” to him.  South Carolina passed a law, after Vesey’s conspiracy, to have a responsible, white guardian appointed for a “free black.”  This lawyer advised me to get a “rabbi” or else.  I refused.  The New York Legislature eventually banned me from the practice of law until I would get a “rabbi.”  This is called sociological jurisprudence.

            Both John Gotti and Donald Trump attended New York Military Academy.  They were taught, inter alia, “slave management” and “crime families.”  Trump’s “crime family” is about to get national security clearance.  Gotti’s mistake was the planned assassination of “Big Paul” Castellano.

            I publish a missile, almost daily, at my own personal expense, to help blacks speak “legalese” and “military science” and to comprehend HELP.  An ally of Donald Trump, who is now a “self-made” millionaire, has returned to the crime scene to lead a “physical education” march in 2017 to “Dump Trump” after the Electoral College has already met.

            Thousands of persons receive my missiles but only about fifty blacks, intermittently, make any “semblance” of a donation.  These missiles go out under Freedom Party and United African Movement.  Both organizations have already denoted that they will not touch me with a “ten-foot pole.”  I can educate the black community on “my own dime.”

            The Carl Nelson Show” is aired on WOL-AM (1450) in Washington, DC.  I will be a guest on Monday, November 21, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. You are encouraged to listen and call  everyone you know to listen.  For world-wide participation, the show will be streaming at



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