All Roads Lead to D.C. –“Lynch Law” 2015 ©

 By 1970, only five, black, law students had matriculated at the University of Georgia Law School.  The Cobb brothers had founded the law school before the Civil War.  They were also the architects of the Confederate States of America.  The law school was still teaching master-slave law in the 1960’s. A Confederate flag should have been hoisted outside of it.

            This experience gave me a different perspective on the law.  I was already aware that no law school taught its students how to give competent and zealous legal representation to descendants of enslaved Africans as was required by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Now, clients should be viewed as “slaves” rather than as persons.

            This is why I saw the rape of fifteen-year-old Tawana Brawley differently than all black lawyers, black selected officials, black public officials and the black media.  They saw the attorney-client relationship.  I knew that it was actually the master-slave relationship and neither the Brawley family nor myself was willing to retreat back into slavery.

            Under master-slave law, I learned that the focus had shifted from the institution of slavery to the “badges of slavery.”  My initial law professors were “wolves.” This was a bait-and-switch.  Blacks would erroneously look for the “Big house and the slave quarters.”  The shift now included City Hall and the ghetto with an occupying force acting under color of law. 

            U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had an opportunity to attend a prestigious Ivy League law school.  Similarly, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch also attended a prestigious Ivy League law school.  Holder attended Columbia University Law School.  Lynch attended Harvard University Law School.  Their professors were wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

            It is a blessing in disguise that the Senate hearings on the fitness of Lynch to serve as U.S. attorney general have been delayed.  Blacks can now put this nation’s toothless, civil rights laws for descendants of enslaved Africans on the legislative agenda of the U.S. Congress.  We now have an opportunity to draft our own omnibus bill on civil rights amid a “$Silver Rites” movement.

            We must take the Underground Railroad to the District of Columbia.  We must use the communications technology at our disposal to exercise “each one, teach one.” This technology was unavailable to Marcus Garvey.  Yet, he was able to organize the untold masses under one tent.  What is our excuse?  Blacks need HELP (History, Ethics, Logic and Philosophy).


            Time is of the essence for descendants of enslaved Africans to place an omnibus bill on civil rights on the legislative agenda in the U.S. Senate.   We must immediately make a joyful noise.  Each one of us must become a lobbyist.

            Dial Tim Scott’s DC Office; 167 RSOB, Washington, DC 20510, Phone: (202) 224-6121; Toll Free: (855) 425-6324; Fax:(202)-228-5143;

            Dial Corey Booker’s D.C. Office: 141 HSOB Washington, DC 20510, Phone: (202) 224-3224 Fax: (202) 224-8378;

            Dial John Conyers’ D.C. Office:  2426 RHOB, Washington, DC 20515, Phone: (202) 225-5126; Fax: (202) 225-0072;

            Dial G.K. Butterfield’s D.C. Office: 2305 RHOB, Washington, DC 20515 Phone:(202) 225-3101; Fax: (919) 908-0169;

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