A Symposium on Race and History ©

         In addition to his saying that Negroes are “deaf, dumb and blind,” I was struck by                 Hon. Elijah Muhammad saying that the white man would never teach the Black man three things: (1) the science of associations (mating); (2) the science of business and (3) the science of war.  Mr. Muhammad capsulized our problem in business and in politics.

            I was neither Dr. Ben’s personal attorney nor his accountant but I have had the opportunity to represent him on important, legal issues.  His spiritual twin brother, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, was also a client and personal friend. Both men suffered from an exploitation of intellectual property which invariably leads to pauperism.

         The information that Blacks received from the unselfish and uncompensated research of these intellectual giants can never be repaid at this point.  Our objective now should be to preserve and perpetuate their legacies.  History and culture should be treated as serious business ventures. Their ideas and research must be institutionalized.

            I verily believe that our revered ancestors are giving us additional time to ensure that the legacies of Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke will be preserved and not subject to economic exploitation.  History must not repeat itself negatively.  “All that glitters is not gold.”  Sis. Sybil Williams should be heard from forthwith.

            To show our love for both Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke, I am asking United African Movement and Freedom Party to jointly spearhead and sponsor a “Symposium on Race and History” no later than next Saturday, April 4, 2015, the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.’s assassination. Actions speak louder than words.”


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