A Political Landslide is Bad News for “Black Politics” ©

This conclusion is not only correct but it is rooted in history. Malcolm X said: “Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research.” Stated another way, Marcus Garvey said: “A people without a history is like a tree without roots.” Accordingly, history is a basic necessity.

The 1982 gubernatorial election in New York is an example. Blacks constituted the decided, swing vote in this election but the winner, Mario Cuomo, chose an all-white cabinet. When leading blacks questioned Cuomo, they received a surprising answer. Cuomo owed blacks zero.

Blacks were voting against NYC Mayor Ed Koch and not for Mario Cuomo. Only political supporters should receive patronage. In addition, Gov. Cuomo raided a trust fund for housing which honored Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Cuomo used the funds to construct prisons instead of housing with the blessings of President “Bill” Clinton.

Afterwards, black voters would give him twelve years in office. In the meantime, Cuomo went after Alton Maddox, C. Vernon Mason, Al Sharpton and fifteen year-old Tawana Brawley with a vengeance. New York would make Steven Pagones, who had raped Tawana Brawley, an “assistant attorney general.” This was a promotion from “assistant district attorney” at the expense of black taxpayers.

It gets worse. In May 2010, NYC Councilman Charles Barron raised his voice, at the New York State Democratic Convention, as a reformer. Among other things, Andrew Cuomo was seeking the Democratic nod for governor and a white running mate as lieutenant governor. Barron opposed a lily-white ticket.

Andrew Cuomo had conspired with his father to exterminate Tawana Brawley and her advisors. Blacks gave him a landslide victory in 2010. Sharpton is now a “lapdog” for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and, in return, he heads the “Negro wing” of the Democratic Party. The Freedom Party is a threat to his “safe” status.

The track record of blacks engaged in voting suggests the need for (1) political orientation (2) voter education (3) political education and (4) voter registration. “Friends of Alton Maddox” seeks to address these issues, almost daily, by sponsoring a house organ for the Freedom Party. This is unprecedented for black voters.

Out of thousands of recipients of these writings, no more than fifty persons make any donations. The Freedom Party makes no contributions to political education. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party seeks to enlighten black voters without any semblance of an educational program.

The system of Presidential primaries and caucuses is rigged. Like in chess, the white states move first. South Carolina follows. Other predominantly black states in the former Confederate States of America follow. Black voters, in the South, coalesce to become “a runaway freight train.” Blacks have refused to fashion a political plan or a black agenda. The “Rust Belt,” like in Michigan, follows.

On March 9, 2016, the U.S. Justice Department announced that Ramarley Graham had “no rights” that NYPD P.O. Richard Haste had to respect even though Graham was killed after Haste made a warrantless entry into his Bronx home to violate his Fourth Amendment rights. The federal government saw no civil rights violations under Dred Scott.

Under People v John White, in the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department, blacks also have no right to defend themselves in their homes against a member of a “standing army” or a “lynch mob.” These blacks must dial “911” and wait for white, racist cops to defend them. This is New York law. Ask Rev. Al Sharpton.

I founded the Freedom Party in 1994 to, inter alia, address untoward prosecutors. My resumé also included causing two, state court judges in Brawley and in Howard Beach to relinquish their authority over local prosecutors in the investigation of a racially-motivated murder and a racially-motivated rape. Before and afterwards, no attorney, nationwide, can place these achievements on his or her resumé.

Of course, while a third party may be founded by a single person, it requires a state-wide operation to be effective and lawful. This means that persons who associate with the political party might lack any knowledge of “legalese’ or “military science” or they can refuse to attend political and legal workshops.

No reason exists why the Freedom Party refuses to select a candidate to run for the District Attorney of Bronx County. This is a purpose of a third party. Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason pressured Gov. Mario Cuomo to appoint the first, black, district attorney in the history of New York. This was a political milestone. It happened in the Bronx. P.O. Haste can still be indicted and convicted in the Bronx.

No one questions the statement of former Chief Justice Sol Wachtler: “A prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.” A Bronx petit jury will certainly convict Haste to send a message to the New York Police Department to end state-sponsored violence. Self-preservation is the first law of nature.

A third party is a powerful legal tool. Political competition is encouraged under capitalism. It could liquidate the Democratic Party, however. Without blacks and Latinos, it would be impossible for the Democratic Party to elect governors and presidents. Blacks must stop endorsing and financing their own oppression.

Very few blacks have any interest in speaking or understanding “legalese” or “military science.” By definition, most of us are not only pacifists but we denigrate the Second Amendment. No black voter seeks to establish a war chest. The lack of a war chest indicates complacency.

The notion of a quid pro quo for blacks today is meaningless like it was for “slaves” on the plantation. All political parties love to get their hands on the black vote. It is a throwaway vote. The black vote lacks any political goal. According to Frederick Douglass, “power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Blacks need HELP but we should make a donation for it. A unilateral contract is void. There must be a consideration. For blacks, a vote is a “gift” to the Democratic Party. There is no need for “mutuality of obligations.” This is why blacks are “toxic” in polling booths. Under capitalism, the black vote is devalued to zero. This means no reciprocity for the Democratic Party.

The Freedom Party must schedule an emergency, political summit to address and remedy serious issues that are affecting the black community. Blacks can ill-afford a “Do Nothing Party.” The stakes are too high. The timetable for the master plan is about to take effect.

I am an “independent.” I have no “horse” in this 2016 Presidential contest but I do note, as Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed in Michigan this week, that a “political revolution” is occurring in 2016. Blacks should not be on the sidelines rooting, without a black agenda, for a horse ridden and owned by others.

Call the Freedom Party at (917) 947-8994 for more information about the date, time and place for the “emergency,” political summit and its agenda. Rev. Al Sharpton called for further, legal action in the Wall Street Journal with no mention of an agenda. Call the National Action Network at (212) 690-3070 and (646) 380-2000 for more details.

The negative response of the federal government is unacceptable. Blacks can engage in self-help. The ball is now in the hands of the Steering Committee of the Freedom Party. Black and Latino voters are also the jurors and the grand jurors in Bronx, New York. Power to the people!

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