A No-Show in People v. Ramsey Orta

           Since the chokehold death of Eric Garner and the false arrest of Ramsey Orta, I have been preaching the need for legal representation of Ramsey Orta. It is about reciprocity and racial pride.  The family of Eric Garner is only seekingpersonal justice.  His death is a class action and the class should be seeking preventive justice.

            Because no real lawyer has stepped up to the plate, Orta is being represented by a former assistant district attorney in Richmond County. This is the county’s modus operandi.  I witnessed it first-hand in People v. Briggs. This was a murder prosecution. The victim’s son was a policeman. Briggs was Black and, a parolee whose fiancée was a white woman with political connections.

            While members of the Freedom Party may be part-time, voluntary workers, members of the NYPD are full-time mercenaries with a willingness to do overtime.  They are also willing to finance our oppression.  Our work ethic is also inadequate to do hand-to-hand combat with white supremacy.  Social parasites are unwilling to finance their liberation.  They prey, instead, on their own people.

            I have done everything possible to demonstrate that the disciplinary charges against me were, ab initio, bogus.  Black people have only proven that they still embrace a master-slave relationship.  This relationship is contrary to all of my achievements.  I will appear in People v. Ortawhen my legal plight has been fully exposed and I enjoy racial support for being illegally barred from the practice of law.

            It starts with Freedom Party and United African Movement.  This was at a heavy cost for me to have a racial organization.  At some point, I should  not continue to be considered as the gift that keeps on giving.  Welfare is a terrible addiction.  Self-help must be our goal.  No one respects a race of “social parasites.”  This has continued, for at least, four decades.

            The headline in this week’s New York Amsterdam News (Mar. 19-Mar 25, 2015) about Loretta Lynch reads:  “JUSTICE DELAYED.”  This headline is applicable to all criminal defendants. It should be a wake-up to all Blacks.  The issue is not about Loretta Lynch.  It is about the lack of enforcement of civil rights.  History is about to repeat itself.  The Democratic Party and the Republican Party constitute a duopoly.  They are the “Mutt and Jeff” of politics.

            Because I funded myself as the people’s attorney general “justice delayed” failed to become a reality.  Most Blacks apply a chokeholdto all U.S. presidents.  In my nearly twenty years of legal service, no one ever gave me a dime. Contributions started at Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn, and after I had been illegally barred from courtrooms.  Of course, everyone now has amnesia.


                        For more than two decades, several thousand persons have received my invaluable, writings on politics, law and military science, free of any cost, even though the fixed costs to publish them including research, writing, editing and publishing have exceeded over Twenty-five Hundred Dollars monthly.  There is also now a need to upgrade equipment, legal literature and software and to resume the practice of law as the private attorney general without “judicial bullying.”  “Freedom is not free.”  No one should ride the back of another person.  This is an accounting principle.

            Make contributions for a free and educational press and for a legal defense fund for the U.S. Supreme Court to redress an odious grievance and provide an emergency, legal defense fund for Tawana Brawley and Ramsey Orta only to:

                        Friends of Alton Maddox

                        P.O. Box 35

                        Bronx, NY 10471


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