A Blueprint to Congress – Black Lives Matter

           I am putting myself at risk financially and personally to “prevent history from repeating itself.” After President Lyndon B. Johnson had agreed to a public accommodations bill in 1964, he had his aides to draft it.  These white advisers did a “bait and switch” from Civil Rights Act of 1875.  This scheme would deny to descendants of enslaved Africans citizenship status.  We are under the Commerce Clause and not the Fourteenth Amendment.

            Today, Blacks are disenfranchised. Congress is stalling on the nomination of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as U.S. attorney general.  I am in Washington to rally the troops and to draft a blueprint for Congress.  The federal government must be able to enforce a civil rights law with teeth in it.  A “March on Washington” will not do the trick.  There must be someone in our community who can draft effective legislation.  Seemingly, the Congressional Black Caucus is unable to do it.

            I want to personally thank Dr. Shirley Smith for defraying a portion of a debt that our activist community, in particular, owes to Dr. William A. Jones and attorney Louis Clayton Jones. I delivered a legal presentation on “The Black American Lawyer” at Campbell Law School in Raleigh, NC in honor of them.  It would help if the Freedom Party attracted members like Dr. Smith.  She recognizes ethics.

            I have had to add to payment of this debt in addition to suffering all housing, travel and food in around D.C. even though it is for our community which will benefit from my effort.  The representative of the FCC was unable to meet with me today.  Another meeting has been rescheduled at my expense.  I am still having to pay the legal obligations of the community forty years after my arrival in New York.  I will be drafting an FCC petition this weekend absent law books.

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