Monthly Archives: March 2016

The 2016 Political Campaign to “Tell the Truth” ©

      In her prior appearance at UAM’s weekly forum, a young, black man, who had not become a teenager, told Colia Clarke that he not only admired Medgar Evers but that he wanted to emulate him. Colia Clark […]

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Dred Scott: A Day of Remembrance

              March 7 is the most important date on the calendar for descendants of enslaved Africans and very few blacks will mention it on March 7 or any other date.  Dred Scottshould have been at the center of the […]

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Introducing Dick Gregory at the Cotton Club

  John Beatty asked me to introduce Dick Gregory at the Cotton Club on this Saturday evening, March 5, 2016. I made a counter-offer. Instead of a ten-minute introduction, I would take an hour to discuss the “disappearance” of Justice […]

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