Monthly Archives: February 2013

Keep the Pressure On! ©

              Only an insane people can expect one person to stand up and successfully fight white supremacy.  If a white woman was threatened by one Black person, every white male and female would be on this Black person like white on […]

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Which Side Are You On in Politics? ©

            The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides for the right of “free associations”.  When Minoo Southgate first came to the “Slave Theater”, in 1994, she misread the sign as the “Slave Quarters”.  If it had been the “Slave Quarters”, she would […]

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Black Activists or Negro Pacifiers? ©

            Before the New York Post published a defamatory story about Tawana Brawley on its front-page on December 23, 2012, it gave me the “courtesy” of answering some questions. I declined.  A newspaper is not subject to government regulations and there is no code of […]

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