Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Malcolm X are my frames of reference.  Few persons, today, love Dr. John Henrik Clarke and I lack the knowledge of anyone in New York today who loves Malcolm X.  Slaves hate someone who is militant on the “political question” of white supremacy.  “Actions speak louder than words.”  Your passivity or lack of passivity is recorded in the public record.

            Whites comply with the “hearsay exception” to the hearsay rule.  They are bilingual. They only speak “legalese” and “military science.” The public record is “legalese.”  Military science” includes the surrender of the Confederate States of America to the Union at the Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia on April 9, 1965.

            I am the only person to write a journal on “legalese” and “military science.”  Because blacks refuse to fund it, however, I am limited to writing individual articles.  I have proof of the “rare” investors.  This journal is designed to give blacks the resources to “talk back” to white men. Overwhelmingly, blacks still only have an interest in knowing and staying in their place. 

            My war on white supremacy started in high school.  In my senior year, I was nearly sent to the “Georgia chain gang” for an attempted battery on my high school principal for aiding and abetting white supremacy.  Instead, I was suspended for the balance of the school year.  My nose enabled me to detect the presence of whites even when they were invisible.

            White supremacy keeps all blacks undersurveillance.  I have no idea when I hit its radar screen but, in 1987, it decided to investigate myauthenticity.  Blacks, in Coweta County, reported to the Washington Post that I was for real.  I have been a one-man wrecking crew in the war on white supremacy since childhood.  I have the scars to prove it.

             I was not supposed to attend any college much less “the capstone of Negro education.”  My real plan was to get into the stacks of the Library of Congress and study, “How to Make a Slave.”  I am in its employment records.  This would prepare me for my adventures in Harlem and further study under Dr. John Henrik Clarke and “Dr. Ben.”

            Among other things, Dr. Clarke was a reference librarian.  His emphasis was on world history but he acknowledged the import of a specific era.  The nineteenth century, for descendants of enslaved Africans, comes to mind. The crucible of our enslavement arose during this period.  The open importation of “slaves” ended in 1808.  Blacks are still “imports” Cumming v. Richmond Co. Bd. of Ed. ended the nineteenth century.

            I will finally become the keynote speaker at the “Slave Theater” (UAM’s weekly forum) at Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn on this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.  Our current plight should be put in proper perspective militarily, legally and historically.

            I saw black leaders in Charleston, SC, recently, waving “Old Glory” while demanding to place the Confederate battle flag in a museum. This is an antinomy.  It is a crime in South Carolina to “torch” the Confederate flag.  Compare Texas v. Johnson. “Slave burials” are real threats to black survival.  White secret societies still support the CSA which is equivalent to the “USA.”  The “Eric Garner deal” is a monumental sell-out.

            On this Wednesday night, July 15, 2015, at Brooklyn Christian Center, Ramsey Orta will be with us.  Except for rent, all funds raised will go for his security.  A “safe house” must be erected for him until I am reinstated to the practice of law.  I will demand an immediate trial beginning with his false arrest in August 2014.  I also intend to expose the Eric Garner cover-up and the “Police Protection Act of 2015.”

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